Olin School of Business, 1 Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO  

The Conference

For the last three years, students together with faculty at The Olin School of Business have hosted the annual Impact Investing Symposium (IIS) to educate, challenge, and engage professionals on issues and opportunities in the impact investing space. At the IIS, we showcase a variety of industry players and a diverse agenda to share experiences and promote the expansion of purposeful investments, sustainable practices, and responsible innovation. 


We are the largest Impact Investing conference in the Midwest. While we are entering our fourth year, we seek to build on the momentum of the previous Symposiums with a renewed energy. With the support of Olin Business School’s Dean Mark Taylor, along with a faculty Steering Committee, we are looking to expand the event to address new issues and attract leading voices from across the country. 

This year, we want to help investors and other stakeholders understand the impact that their businesses have in the community and the environment. Even if you think you are still learning about responsible practices, you are now creating significant impact and you should know what that is all about.